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Presco is the first and only app that lets you apply Lightroom Presets on mobile.
More than 25 professional photographers have created over 250 filters for you to use on your own photos.

Client: Long Tail LLC
Date: February 28, 2019
Services: Product, Design, Marketing

Problem Definition

There are a lot of photo filter app in iOS and Android world. However, people who are interested in photography, they don’t know which filter fits their photos.

Our primary audience are instagram influencers. They produce a lot of content on Instagram, so they always try to increase their quality of content.

We are experienced about Instagram automations and analytics, which was built web app called Boostify. Companies goal is to make different products for Instagrammers. I am part of the team as a product designer.

Design Process


We decided to make MVP first, so we prioritise our features and considered go to market strategy. After that, I designed user flow based on MVP and I collaborated with Product Owner for best solution for user engagement.


Day by day, we are tested with photographers for getting feedbacks.
When user flow was finalize, I started to draw identified screens ,especially main screens which users engage with their saved photos or import photos from their library.


After those iterations, I continued to design UI with brand identity constraints. we want to make a Cool Brand, so we decided to make brand B&W. After that, App UI had to be a B&W too. On the other hand we have a lot of filters to show users, Those filters differentiate with color.


At the same time, I had to design a Landing page for growth of app download. Also this landing page had to show value proposition directly with same app aspects.


As a startup, we focused on market quickly. So we need to take a risk to be more agile. Volkan was helped us to create simple product and always is inside the team to empower business and think outside of the box.

Bugra Kaan Ayaz CEO - Longtail LLC

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